Drawbacks to Dating Younger Women

While dating a woman may not be the easiest thing at times because women can be very different in terms of mindset and the way they do things, going without dating is a much worse alternative. When men go through the dating process, they tend to debate dating either women their age or younger women. Dating younger women may sound appealing, but it is actually much more stressful and ineffective than it seems. Below are some of the reasons you should avoid dating a woman who is younger than you and why you should pick one who is near your age.

The Generation Gap

Face it, there are going to plenty of moments where you say something and your much younger date is going to be fully incapable of understanding your reference. The reason behind this is that younger women are not always able to understand the same cultural references that you do because they weren’t alive at that time. The generation gap therefore leads to greater miscommunication and an increase in a division of interests between the both of you. If you choose a woman your age, you’ll never really have these problems because she will be familiar with your cultural references.

Different Values

When two people have such a great generational gap, it is not unlikely that both have very different values. Different values can lead to disagreements, anger, and problems within your relationship. Many relationship experts recommend that when you choose a partner, you pick one that that has the same values as you do. If you do decide to raise a family with the individual, then you both will be on the same page in most matters that arise within your family unit.

The Resource Problem

Then there is the question of resources. It is highly common for a much younger woman to choose a man based upon the resources that he has. As a result, the relationship is not based on love, mutual interests, or for the love of companionship, but because one party can offer the other more in terms of financial and other types of gains. If you find yourself in this type of situation, then you may as well come to terms with it and leave the woman. Moreover, with an older woman, you won’t have this issue because she most likely has financial stability and resources of her own.

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