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Five Safety Tips For Online Dating

Five Safety Tips For Online Dating

The world of internet has come up with a new and interesting way to date each other, and this is termed as online dating. When you browse with the term internet dating on the search engines, you will come across hundreds and thousands of websites where you can find a companion to talk, chat, and date. However, this is not completely safe and one has to be very careful while chatting to someone on the internet. With this piece of article, we shall learn some safety tips which can help you to be attentive while you are chatting with someone on the internet.


  1. Choosing the websites: Make sure to select only reliable websites for dating. Some websites have fake people who are online only to have fun with innocent ones. Reputed websites will check the clients and have their background noted. Some good websites even charge fees, and there is no risk if you seriously are interested to meet someone. Research for the websites, read the terms and conditions, and then proceed.
  2. Start slowly: Never ever give your personal details to any person as soon as you start the chat. Take time to know them, know their background, and other handful details and then if you think he or she is a good person, then you can share number. It is always better to choose a random name for chatting, and disclose the real information only when the opposite person seems perfectly genuine.
  3. Don’t exchange pictures: If anyone asks to dhow your picture, then please don’t do it. Ask him/her few questions as to why is there a need of pictures, and what if I’m an ugly person, and such to know their mindset. This is a caution moment, and learn saying ‘no’ to them. In addition, if the person is insisting you right from the beginning for pictures, then it is a sign saying move away, stop your conversation, and go ahead.
  4. Meeting him/her actually: If, by now, you have known the person and chatted or talked a lot, and you think you are comfortable and its right time to meet, then go on. However, don’t call him or her at your home or your workplace, it is better to meet in a public place. Fix the time during day, and make sure you are informing about this meeting to any of your close friend or your family member. Give some information about that person to your friend in order to be safe.
  5. Talking on phone: Exchange numbers only after having much information about that person, and don’t give your home number to them. With the advanced technology, it is better to talk over Skype or other applications to be safe in every way. If he/she sounds weird over phone, and makes you feel uncomfortable, then simply block the number without any second thoughts.

The above mentioned were the basic safety tips for online dating, make sure to remember them while you are chatting or talking to an unknown person over the internet.