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Heart Health: Five Tips For Men

Healthy lifestyle and good nutrition helps to keep you healthy always. It’s been noticed that more number of men are dying from heart attacks these days; therefore it is necessary to understand the risks and take valid actions in order to minimize those risks. Eating junk foods, being obese, smoking cigarettes, addicted to alcohol, not sleeping are some of the factors which might risk your heart health. At the same time, taking care of blood pressure and cholesterol levels is important too. Some common factors increase heart risks are: high triglycerides, high blood pressure, too low or too high cholesterol.

  1. Take utmost care of heart: Usually, men are out for work for the major part of the day and tend to make wrong food choices. Control the heart risk and select foods like fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, fat free and low fat products. Try to limit the calorie intake each day and replace fatty foods with fiber such as grains and vegies. If you are obese then increase the intake of fiber, it will help you to lose weight in less time.


  1. Slow weight loss program: Men shouldn’t have a waistline of 40 inches, it becomes dangerous. Try to lose your belly fat, and get into slow fitness programs to get the best outcomes. Along with workouts, diet is important for weight loss as well start with cutting down 500 calories daily, and say no to sugar, rice and fatty meals. Though starting slow will take time to shed down calories, but you will improve health wise.
  2. Say yes to veggies and fruits: Consume less fat meat, then add more plants and natural food in your diet. These are low calories, rich in fibre, and will control your blood pressure up to greater extent. Many people suffer from heart strokes due to high BP, therefore fruits and veggies are suggested by doctors too. They are full of minerals and potassium and will control your level. You can keep a count of potassium intake each day, it is recommended that 700 milligrams is good for a normal heart rate. This equals to 2 bowls of fruits daily along with 2 and half bowl of veggies. When you are shopping, try to purchase more leafy greens, more bananas, potatoes, tomatoes and squash.
  3. Regular exercise: Men should workout daily for about 1 hour, at least 4 to 5 days a week. Ignoring this fact may risk your heart health. Basic exercises like running, jogging, dancing and few steps of aerobics will help you. Getting involved in strength exercises like weightlifting for a couple of days in a week is good too.
  4. Fat for heart: Too much of fat might risk your heart and you may even suffer from major strokes. However, the balanced diet should include 10 to 20% of fat. Try to add baked foods, they will do the work.

Try to keep in mind all the above mentioned points, and stay fit and healthy. After all, you are an important member of your family.